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Thread: [Computer security] Updates available for Windows, OS X, and Safari for Windows

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    Exclamation [Computer security] Updates available for Windows, OS X, and Safari for Windows

    Apple has an update package for OS X available from this page or by using your Software Update feature. This bundle fixes about 45 security issues, including some fairly serious remotely-exploitable vulnerabilities. One of the updates in this bundle fixes the Safari RSS vulnerability I mentioned a while back. According to thirdhand info, this update is stable with no major gotchas, so go get 'em

    Apple updated Safari for Windows, too. If you use Safari on a Windows system, make sure you've got the latest version, currently 3.2.2, which fixes exploitable security vulnerabilities.

    Microsoft cranked out a few updates this Tuesday, so if your Windows systems haven't already auto-patched themselves, this would be a good time to head to Windows Update, or preferably Microsoft Update. The latter will give you patches for more Microsoft software than just Windows components themselves, and is especially beneficial if you have any Office or Works software installed. Microsoft says that the vulnerabilities it fixed are likely to be attacked, so make sure your system is up-to-date.

    Mozilla updated FireFox to 3.0.6 recently, which fixes some exploitable vulnerabilities. I haven't heard of any problems with it yet, so if you're a FF user on any OS, make sure it updated to 3.0.6. If you're still on a 2.x version of FireFox, it is now end-of-life and does not get security updates anymore, nor phishing detection either, so it's time to jump ship on FireFox 2.x if you still use it.

    Other security mumblings
    If you have a Windows system and you've never checked it with Secunia's free checkup before, that's worth doing. They have an online version that runs in the web browser, or an installable version: http://secunia.com/vulnerability_scanning/

    This last month also saw trojanized versions of Apple productivity software being planted in torrents. Now, I'm sure you're all much too smart to be pirating software but there are reportedly over 20000 suckers who fell for it, so I'm just sayin'. No matter what operating system you prefer, do not mess around with stuff from questionable sources.
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