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Thread: SureFire batteries dies suddenly on E2E

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    Default SureFire batteries dies suddenly on E2E

    I have a SureFire E2E and C3. My E2E's light died on my very suddenly. There didn't seem to
    be any significant any dagradation of light output before it died. I porbably have use the E2E on the same set of SureFire batteries for 60 minutes or so. Can't tell for sure.

    I tend transfer the batteries from my C3 to the E2E, and after about 5 minutes, the batteries also
    died (i.e. no more light from E2E). The batteries
    from the C3 have been previously used in the C3 for some time.

    My surprise in this experience is that i expected to see some significant degradation of brightness in the E2E's light before expecting the light to go off. But it seems to just go off all of a sudden, granted the batteries have been used for a while. Note: I just moved from US to Asia, and i didn't change the batteries. It's pretty humid and hot down here, so don't know if that was a factor. Has anyone experience this?
    Is this sudden dead-battery syndrome a normal thing for SureFire battery/flashlights?


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    Default Re: SureFire batteries dies suddenly on E2E

    Hi LLLean,

    You must know that it is 100% impossible that
    SureFire batteries die

    however there are 2 Topics for you in the SureFire Forums :




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    Default Re: SureFire batteries dies suddenly on E2E


    You account gives me the impression that the batteries you put in your E2e were more drained then perhaps you realised. If the used batteries had been rested, initial output for a very short time (perhaps 30 seconds) would give you a false indication of the battery charge. In my experience, and from what I've read, it is normal for Lithium 123As (especially SureFire SF123A) to be able to provide good output right until their last (in contrast to Alkaline batteries that tend to gradually fade and yellow pretty soon after being installed.)



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    Default Re: SureFire batteries dies suddenly on E2E

    It has been documented that in some batches of Surefire brand 123s, some bad cells got in the shipments. You may have gotten some bum batteries, if you're 100% sure you haven't used them up and then forgot about them prior to this incident.

    However, you did mention you've used them on and off for a period totalling (approximately) 60 minutes - if that's the case, they pretty much died right on cue, and no defect of any kind was involved.

    Like Size15s says, lithiums tend to deliver right up until the last nail is being hammered into their coffin, then they just kind of croak all at once.

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