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Thread: withdawn: Milky L1 Smoothie w/ ultralow TC

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    Default withdawn: Milky L1 Smoothie w/ ultralow TC

    Just got this, it is in mint, new condition. Has a cut down IMS20 reflector that is perfectly mated with a SSCP4 USWOH emitter. Also for ultimate runtime, the TC has a 30 ohm resistor in it.

    I have three of these, so ones gotta go!

    Just want what I almost have in it.

    withdrawn shipped

    PP/USA only
    PP addy is in my sigline.

    Sorry about the dust!

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    Default Re: Milky L1 Smoothie w/ ultralow TC

    Great light here.

    Perfect beam with the Smoothie reflector.

    I perfect balance between throw and flood.

    I really like the Ultra Low Option on the standard output Milky L1.

    It takes it even lower.

    This won't last at this price.

    Older Surefire 4-Sided L1s are getting harder to find.

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