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Thread: JetBeam JET-III Pro switch problems

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    Sigh JetBeam JET-III Pro switch problems

    I have had this light since oh August of 2008 I think and it has a reverse-clicky only as it was before the light was shipped with forward-clicky in it with reverse as a extra.

    Just a short while ago I decided to go about comparing it with some of my lights (what flashaholic doesn't :P) and found the while it usually changed the three set levels (in my case low-med-high) when clicked on and off however if I were to tap the switch to change levels (single taps, not three taps to reprogram level) this is when it would not work and flicker at best on each tap. Changing the 18650 battery has no change.

    I wonder if it is a switch problem or a circuit problem.

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    Default Re: JetBeam JET-III Pro switch problems

    I'd try getting a replacement switch from your dealer first. The cost of postage will be more than the cost of the switch, and any good dealer will have a stock of switches on hand. You are also well within your warranty period, so if your dealer is of little help, JetBeam can provide back-up service.

    If you can change modes by a full click, the circuitry is working properly. There is possibly a mechanical problem in the switch contacts. I've heard of people cleaning the switch using electronic contact cleaner (pro gold?) and the flickering problem going away.

    Let us know how it works out for you.

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