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Thread: Which DealExtreme $10-12 AA Cree?

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    Default Which DealExtreme $10-12 AA Cree?

    Hi folks. I have read posts about some of the lights on DealExtreme. I want to buy 2-3 cheap single AA lights to leave in a few places where I occasionally need a light, but may not have one of my better lights handy.

    There are a few that are in the $10-12 range and I always like to get the best for my $$. Any suggestions? I've seen some folks like the Romisen MXDL RC-G2 Cree, but others suggest the quality is hit and miss (I know, what do I expect for $10).

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Which DealExtreme $10-12 AA Cree?

    For that price, the RC-G2 is probably the best you can expect.

    The UF C3 is probably a close second.

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    Default Re: Which DealExtreme $10-12 AA Cree?

    I've bought 6 RC-G2's from DX and 1 of them has had problems (which I temporarily rigged to work... most of the time) but the rest work just fine. I would say, based on experience and other reviews of lights in your price range, they're the best bet for what you want.

    FWIW there's a great MP thread with some Gerbers at a steal of a price! I picked up 4 and I would definitely recommend them over a RC-G2. Plus they should arrive faster than something from DX will. Enjoy

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    Default Re: Which DealExtreme $10-12 AA Cree?


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    Default Re: Which DealExtreme $10-12 AA Cree?

    I have no complaints about the RC-G2 from DX.
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    Default Re: Which DealExtreme $10-12 AA Cree?

    I don't have the Romisens but I do have both the MTE C2-1 (sku:17650) and the AKORay AA (sku:16607) and I can say they are the best made lights I have got off DX. They are outside your price range ($20ish) but for bang-for-the-buck I'd imagine they are hard to beat. The thing is, too many new lights come out too fast... so I can't say yet how they will hold up. I'd also agree the Gerber's in the MP are probably a better made light just not as bright. The gerber trio has got to be about the perfect around the house light IMO.

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    Default Re: Which DealExtreme $10-12 AA Cree?

    I just ordered the 6 mode Cree C3 Q5 1xAA/2xAA Hi/Med/Lo/Fast Strobe/Slow Strobe/SOS light with memory. $21.01 shipped. Hope the runtime doesn't suck on low, as there was no mention of runtime at all.

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