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Thread: Newb purchases a flashlight

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    Well, I decided it was time to buy a flashlight. My total flashlight inventory consisted of a cheap 2 D-cell Eveready and a cheap 2-AA Duracell. These were of course the non LED variety. I figured it was time to get something a bit more modern. My flashlights to date have been worth less than the batteries they contained.

    I started reading this forum and various reviews and decided I wanted an LED flashlight and wanted to standardize on 18650 batteries. The battery selection was to get the maximum energy in a single rechargable Lithium-Ion cell.

    I really liked the EagleTac P100C2 reviews but the maximum battery size was the 17670. I decided on the 18650 battery size so continued looking. My flashlight requirements for this first purchase were pretty modest. I just wanted a house flash light for every day things and in the event of extended power outages. I then decided that it would be nice to either have one for the car or a second for the house. For this purpose, I didn't really need a thrower so ordered 2 Lumapower Encore for $44.60 ea.

    I purchased protected AW 18650 batteries for the lights and picked up a Pila IBC charger. I just didn't have a lot of faith in the cheaper chargers but probably could have gotten by on a WF-139 since I'm using protected batteries.

    I might order the Turboforce accessory for the Encore for a bit more flexibility or order another light like the Deleelight DBS or MC-E for throw as an outdoor light.

    So, that's my story. Liked the forum -- hopefully I've not made too many mistakes in this purchase. I'm definitely not a flash-a-holic but found the forum very informative and know that I'll have a couple of very nice flashlights compared to what I currently own.

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    You picked up a good charger and some great batteries,a very good start!!!The DBS is good if you need a light with great throw(for viewing over 100 yds).The MC-E(CL1H-V4)i is a great light for spill(lighting up the area in front of you).You will need the extension tube to run 2x18650.It won't work with just one-it needs 2 x rcr-123 to work without the tube.There are so many lights that run on only one 18650 I could not begin to list them all.If your set on running only one 18650 I might suggest this.It depends on how much your willing to spend.
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    I think you made good choices. I don't have a Lumapower but they seem like good, solid lights for the money. Enjoy your new lights.
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    Default Re: Newb purchases a flashlight

    I'd recommend getting a few good budget AA powered lights and fill them with Lithium AA batteries for emergency use. AA batteries are much more common then 18650 ones.

    The Jetbeam Jet III lights might be worth a look.

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    Default Re: Newb purchases a flashlight

    Oh jeez!

    welcome to CPF!

    that big of an upgrade??
    when they come in, you'll be blown away!

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