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Thread: IR light to clip on webbing

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    Default IR light to clip on webbing

    I'd like to find a compact light that can clip to PALS webbing (as on a military chest harness), and is switchable between white and infrared LED's. Preferably A123 powered.

    I remember seeing something like this on the forum, but it's been a long time and I've forgotten the make. It was a 90 deg. design.

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    Default Re: IR light to clip on webbing

    Streamlight makes the Sidewinder it has a bright standard LED and three other color LEDs. You can have one with IR and then Red and Green or Blue It runs about $50-$60. Also there are three levels of brightness for each LED.
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    You might be thinking about the Firstlight Tomahawk NV. It is an anglehead with a main white and a secondary ring of red and IR LEDs that are selectable. The clip appears to be designed specifically for PALS webbing attachment. If you buy direct from Firstlight military members and LEO's can get a 15% discount under their "trial and evaluation" program. From First Light USA's site.

    INDIVIDUAL: Law Enforcement/Military Individuals
    Individuals who are employed in law enforcement or the military may request T&E product from First-Light USA for “individual” testing. Individual testing is considered testing that is not “formally” on the behalf of an agency.

    Individual T&E transactions will be treated as a “refundable” sale. The individual testing First Light products will be charged for the product at a special discount rate of MSRP, less 15%.

    If the product is returned to FLUSA in like new condition within 45 days, FLUSA (at its discretion), will reimburse the testing party. Shipping costs are sustained by the individual.
    The Inova Inforce Color has a variant where one of the secondary LED's is IR. It's not an anglehead. It's a more normal clip design. It's also about $50 more than the tomahawk at MSRP.

    The Surefire V2L (Vampire) that got announced at SHOT has switchable white/IR LEDs. It's not available for sale yet. I'd guess you'd get more throw out of the design than a bezel mounted emitter but till they are actually out performance remains to be seen....well not seen with the naked eye. If you can afford to wait, and need a throwier IR beam, it may be an option down the road.

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    Default Re: IR light to clip on webbing

    Ive been looking at that First Light Tomahawk as well...the NV model seems to fit what you are looking for. I just like the fact that you dont have to holster your light in order to free up your hands.
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