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Thread: cleaning the tk11 r2

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    Default cleaning the tk11 r2

    I have a tk11 r2 and i like the bright ness of it the price was nice to but its hard to keep the besol clean and the glass has like a rub place on the inside

    is there eany methods of helping it stay clean and the rub place

    thank you

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    Not sure what your definition of a dirty light would be. Are you using the light alot in a garage getting grease or something on it? Are you dropping it in the mud? I always use holsters on my belt to help keep clean as possible. I am not sure what you mean rub place on the inside. I wouldn't worry about it if it does not affect the beam quality. If it does bother you to much you can disassemble the head. Personally I would have to clean it out.
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    Default Re: cleaning the tk11 r2

    I believe the op means that there is a fingerpint on the inside side of the lens.
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    Default Re: cleaning the tk11 r2

    If so, this belongs in another forum.

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