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Thread: How to paint a Mag?

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    Default How to paint a Mag?

    I have a black 3D Mag sitting here that doesn't work. I just came up with the idea to try and paint in some kind of a camo pattern just for fun. What would be the step by step process that I would have to go through to do this.

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    Default Re: How to paint a Mag?

    Note: MIL-SPEC paint is preferred for a tough(er) coat. First, wipe the light down with some alcohol. then, a nice, light coat of grey primer, then paint it OD, let it dry, and give it a second light coat of OD. This will be your base coat. Once that's done, get some large, rounded(?) leaves (oak leaves, I think), with waves. Hold it up to the light, and give light blasts of flat black around the leaf. Do this randomly, and while holding the leaf oriented in different directions. Here's a pic of my G3 and a camo box I did while in Iraq. http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/...9&postcount=17. Other patterns are rather simple as well, just hard to explain (i.e. tiger stripe, WC, etc.). Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any more questions. Don't forget to remove the head, and tape off the threads, so you don't have black "gaps".
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    Default Re: How to paint a Mag?

    I painted a light at work with MIL-SPEC Carc Tan. Just like angelofwar said, Alchol, prime, the light coats of the main color or colors in your case.
    I think it turned out great, although the light was a 1xaa riverrock, I gave it away. But the guy loves it, Always talking about how well the paint holds up.

    The main thing is follow the directions of the paint that you will be using.

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