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    Any of y'all into doing hurricane recovery/relief work? The season is upon us, and any areas hit by these baddies this year -- or in years past -- need volunteers afterwards. In my neck of the woods, the last storm was Ike. But combined with houses damaged by Rita, over 750,000 homes in Southeast Texas were affected. Doing any kind of math combined with the natural tapering off of volunteers as time passes from the storms will tell you the job will never be "finished".

    You can go through your church, as I do, or get referrals for agencies sponsoring worktrips through Salvation Army, United Way, Americorps, etc. I like to go a week at a time, but if you live close enough, even 2-3 day trips or single day trips can be worthwhile.

    Go on just one, and you'll be hooked...


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