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Thread: LED Replacement For PR Bulb In lantern

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    Default LED Replacement For PR Bulb In lantern

    Hi people.

    I need some advice on a replacement for this old Every Ready Lantern.

    This is the lantern.

    It's a 6 Volt, and takes 2 Lantern Batteries IEC:4R25, ANSI:908D, 1209, 996.

    What's out there ????

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    Default Re: LED Replacement For PR Bulb In lantern

    I had a similar lantern and I replaced it with a TerraLUX TLE-1F. It was just a luxeon 1 Watt led. Anyway, the lantern was negative centre so this thing didnt have reverse polarity protection and that was the end of that.

    I also have a Tektite LPR-113. Its a 1 Watt luxeon with side emitting optics. Its positive at the centre but it does have reverse polarity protection.

    NiteIze also has a replacement. Its a 1 Watt luxeon too.

    The best I've come across is the EverLED. Its a bit pricey but its the only one I know that is regulated. Its also a 1 Watt luxeon too and it has reverse polarity protection.

    Thats all the ones I've used. They are all positive at the centre so you may need to rewire some things.

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