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Thread: need Yahoo E-mail help

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    Default need Yahoo E-mail help

    hello all.

    It started yesterday. I have been getting tons of return undelivered e-mails from different people / business that I have never sent mail to. The sender's name is always different but it has my dot com address. ???

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Default Re: need Yahoo E-mail help

    You're the victim of what's called a "Joe Job".

    A spammer, or spammers, will use your address in the "from" header. Then they send out gobs of spam, even to addresses that don't exist. The bounces go to the unfortunate holder of the false from address.

    Your address wasn't chosen necessarily in order to target you. The spammer would just rather someone besides themselves receives the bounces.

    What you can do on Yahoo, is to mark each one as spam. That way, it should become something recognizable by the Bayesian filter. Otherwise, you just wait it out.
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