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Thread: Are My NIP Inova X1's Defective?

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    Default Are My NIP Inova X1's Defective?

    I recently picked up two 3rd gen Inova X1's from the MP that were LNIP (the packages had been opened).

    I intended to gift the Inovas to some friends who needed dependable lights that can run on common batteries.

    I liked the Inovas because they allowed for constant on, momentary, and lock-out modes.

    Unfortunately, I find that momentary is a joke. Occasionally (maybe 1 in 5 tries), I can loosen the flashlight just until it goes off and then get momentary operation, but it tends to flicker badly even when I can achieve it. The rest of the time, either nothing happens or the light flickers and just stays on when I release the button. I assumed that the rubber on the tailcap was a switch, but I don't really feel much of a give and it doesn't seem to activate the light.

    I have honestly purchased much higher quality lights from DX!

    Are my X1's defective or does the design of the X1 simply suck?

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    Default Re: Are My NIP Inova X1's Defective?

    The momentary on an X1 really is pretty bad, but it can be tolerable if you twist the tailcap to on and then just barely back it off. There is not much give in the rubber boot. Unfortunately, there's really nothing you can do to break in one of these tailcaps - they either work or don't. On the bright side, if you can't get them working by fiddling with them, Inova should be able to set you up with new tailcaps.
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    Default Re: Are My NIP Inova X1's Defective?

    I own three X1's and they all work perfect.

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    Default Re: Are My NIP Inova X1's Defective?

    I never liked the forward momentary on my X1. Its pretty much useless, with a light that small, that smooth and that hard to depress. It works if I use two hands and press really hard. I don't think yours is defective at all... I can't get mine to work very well either.
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    Default Re: Are My NIP Inova X1's Defective?

    The 4th-gen X1s are much better about momentary. Played with a pair at Target tonight.
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