After using the T20C2, I must say it truly is the most annoying flashlight that Eagletac has ever built. One click, and you must wait 4 seconds to press the next click otherwise you get the super annoying strobe. The T20C2 is probably not only made in china, it's designed in china too. Only the Chinese can be so obsessed with having strobe on "tactical" flashlights. Maybe to them, strobe = tactical? Maybe they need to strobe the defenseless Tibetan protesters all the time? Whatever the reason, the strobe function on the T20C2 is a most dumb decision. Strobe aside, getting the T20C2 has taught me that you can never believe everything the manufacturer claims. The T20C2 also has the ugliest of beams. They probably never did any research on the reflector, just made it bigger and slapped a "tactical"-sounding name on it - the ET28. But one thing for sure - Eagletac has the best marketing in the flashlight world. Visit their website and you would think that they really do make the "best flashlight ever built". That dream usually dissipates after you start to use the lights. Just my 2 cents.