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Thread: Receiving payments with Paypal

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    Default Receiving payments with Paypal

    Hi everybody, I think this info can help to some peoples, to receive payments thru paypal and the commission is charged to how is making the payment use this method pays;

    Good luck
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    Default Re: Receiving payments with Paypal

    odd... I thought I was replying to something else-- disregard.
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    Default Re: Receiving payments with Paypal

    It works but if they have reason to believe your are simply making purchases with that option can they not suspend your PP account?

    I'm not 100% sure anymore.

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    Default Re: Receiving payments with Paypal

    I think this option does not provide any type of buyer protection. If you end up not receiving the item or if the item is significantly not as described, you might not have the option of filing a dispute.

    That's the risk you will have to take to avoid the fees.

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