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Thread: Jetbeam III M and unprotected 18650s

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    Default Jetbeam III M and unprotected 18650s

    I have been dis-assembling laptop batterys furiously over the past couple of days and now have a selection of decent 18650s.

    Will the JetBeam Jet-III M handle these unprotected cells ok ?
    Does it have any over discharge protection built in ?

    I realise that without the protection circuit its down to a decent charger and either me or the light protecting it from over overcharge/discharge. Is there anything else to be aware of?

    Any recommendations for chargers suited to this type of cell.

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    Default Re: Jetbeam III M and unprotected 18650s

    Why risk it?

    You already have a fantastic flashlight you spent some $$$ on that should last you for years.

    Why not spend a little more and get yourself a quality protected cell?

    You'll be kicking yourself if your light or charger goes

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    Default Re: Jetbeam III M and unprotected 18650s

    i 2nd Jeff.

    The protected UF 18650s are just ~USD$10 for two, SHIPPED.
    Why risk it?

    If you're happy to spend more, the next level up for best 18650s from AW that you can get in the CPFM.
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    Default Re: Jetbeam III M and unprotected 18650s


    Having TONS of LiIons is sweet isn't it? The protected cells are great but if you're like me, having 40 or 50 plus cells means overdischarging one is NBD. I'm not familiar w/ the JB IIIM's driver circuit and limits but I'm pretty certain it will cut off at ~ 3V to avoid overcurrent damage, just check the light's specs or call JB and ask. Either way you can afford to keep plenty of fully charged cells on hand and change cells after each use, just like I do w/ my M@G 2D.
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