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Thread: malkoff p7 d cell

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    I was wondering where I could find a review on this drop in. I have used the search function but couldn't find anything. What is the regulation like on this drop in? How does it compare to a p7 maglite that I could purchase on the market place for about $100?

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    Hi light obsessed,

    I have a Malkoff P7 dropin and have tried it in a 6D (using NiMh D-cells) and using it now in a 3D with a 6V NiMh battery intended for MagCharger.
    The regulation is excellent. The 6D will provide several times longer runtime, but 3D is much more comfortable to handle.

    About the other P7 Maglite I don't know.

    Regards, Patric

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    what kind of driver is in the malkoff?

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    Wink2 Re: malkoff p7 d cell

    Hi Light Obsessed,

    Try this link starting on page 4:

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    The ones tested were p7s right?

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