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Does anyone know if the UV mule could be usefull to sterilize or at least partially decontaminate stuff ?

I was thinking water decontamination, or killing germs on your cellphone, keyboard, mouse, keys etc.

If yes, any idea what kind of time would be required with the Mule so actually do something ?
Check my link in post #116.

First, let me say that I am not a microbiologist so my knowledge in this area is extremely limited. My original interest in this LE was fluorescing salt deposits in crude oil heaters but I have interests in many areas of science.

I roughly measured the output of the UV LE in a Sundrop XR-U head to be 16mW/cm2 (using a Laserbee I). When you factor in that power was measured on an area of about 7cm2, irradiating to a target of 27J/cm2 becomes impractical in my mind.
Still, I figure there's a possibility for this to work. I took samples of run-off water from near my house in Pro-Clean bottles. I transfered 2 liters through a 5 micron filter to a translucent water bladder and suspended the UV Sundrop on high inside. I finished walking my dogs and transfered the water in the bladder into a new Pro-Clean bottle with a total irradiation time of 160 minutes. 5 day Biological Oxygen Demand was reduced enough for me to be comfortable drinking it (I'm not posting the actual numbers as I feel this one time test doesn't necessarily prove anything). As far as potable water goes, I would say you are better off using a SteriPEN. Dry surface irradiation is possible (SteriPEN does not function outside of water), but I feel the amount of time required to hit the target energy make it more of a novelty than a practical application.