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Thread: EverLED PR Bulb Replacements Seconds

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    Default EverLED PR Bulb Replacements Seconds

    Has anyone actually used a new EverLED PR bulb replacement second? The BrightGuy and Led Supply websites say they are a bit green, I'm just wondering how much "a bit" is. They are going for $27.95/$30.99. Is it a better idea just to blow the extra $10 and buy a first?

    What do you guys think of the EverLED? I'm thinking of dropping it in a 3D Mag. I mainly carry it around in my car for protection. With the EverLED I'm hoping it will actually become a decent flashlight!

    How bright would this setup be? From what little I've been able to read on the forum, they don't sound all that bright. I think EverLED claims they are 4 times brighter than an incandescent krypton bulb.


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    Default Re: EverLED PR Bulb Replacements Seconds

    I think the EverLED concept is great and bought two, but I'm unable to get a truly good beam with mine with stock Mag reflectors. I believe this is due to the SE emitter.

    I've tried EverLEDs in all of my stock flashlights (and that's quite a few), and--of those that were actually able to power the EverLED due to its different contact geometry--none resulted in good beams. At least the Mag has adjustable "focus". (Admittedly, I'm a perfect beam freak.)

    With the proper reflector, I'm now using an EverLED in a 3C Mag and find the results satisfactory.

    Since they're drop in mods, you must be very careful what you drop them in to. Some flashlights have reversed polarity, and one of my EverLEDs fried as a result in a Princeton Tec.

    However, the ones I have are the whitest emitters that I've ever seen.

    While they do work in 2-cell lights, you need a 3-cell light to drive them to their brightest. I'd personally pass on the EverLEDs until they come out with an HD version, at which point I'd buy a number of them.

    Oh, and the product appears to be well supported. My original two were mangled because they came loose in their boxes during shipping, and the fragile SE optics were used as ping pong balls. A simple email to the EverLED people resulted in two new ones being sent immediately.

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