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Thread: Home - LED light - how? Reflector problem.

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    Help Home - LED light - how? Reflector problem.

    Reading all threads and buying different light slowlyan idea came to my mind. How about making the light by myself? As I love tinkering, it wouldn't be much of a probelm for me, rather a kind of challenge and a way to relax and get some distance to reality in off work time. As I would probably be able to buy somewhere all parts needed for the project (I think about making quad emitter CREE light powered by four 18650 batteries) one major problem has crossed my way. What about reflector? I do not have a single clue how to built the reflector, and more of it, how to set it into the right angles (reflector's depth and diameter). Considering achieving the maximum throw it has become a real riddle for me. Of course the reflector itself should produce tight beam (throw), but not a laser - like beam. It shoul be also practical in a reasonable way. Maybe the good idea is to use the replacement reflector from some cheap light? Any ideas? I've mentioned above, that parts needed should be easily available, but maybe I'm wrong? I will make the body of the flashlight according to my own project. but what about the emitter itself and tailcap switch? Is the emitter comes with all electronics built in and it's ready to plug in? Geez... more and more questions. Sometimes the strong will is not enough Help, pls... What do you think about that?

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    Default Re: Home - LED light - how? Reflector problem.

    The emitter will be supplied as a single LED, possibly with a star (which makes it easier to solder/mount) if you requested one. You will need to make or get hold of a driver. Dealextreme has a fair selection of drivers to get you started. Also, don't forget to think about how you will heatsink this especially if you are driving a quad emitter!

    As for reflectors, I believe McGizmo used to sell some loose reflectors? Hope others chime in.

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    Default Re: Home - LED light - how? Reflector problem.

    Don't forget to check out the "Homemade and Modified lights" forum elsewhere on this site. Lots of smart, crafty folks there who will have plenty of tips and suggestions.

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    Default Re: Home - LED light - how? Reflector problem.

    Good advice from Duglite, and in fact I think H&M is where this thread belongs. Im moving it there now.
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