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    I just bought a Fenix LD10+, great little light but would like to change it into the LD20+ when I need some more juice. From what I understand from reading other posts the new LDs with the + have different threads then the old LDs and I'm not able to change the body on my flashlight. Can anyone help me with this problem or know when/where I can buy the right body. I'm new to this forum but used many of the posts to decide on this flashlight. Thanks for all the info, it's been very helpful!

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    +1 also would like to know ?

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    I wouldn't mind knowing if you can just buy a battery tube suitable for the 123C cells and turn the light into a 123 version if anyone knows.

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    Anybody Know when the LD20 bodies be released or will the original l2d bodies work ?

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    They have different threads (ld20 vs. l2d bodies) so I would guess no.
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