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Thread: Osram Nightbreaker H4 wattage rating different..why?

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    Default Osram Nightbreaker H4 wattage rating different..why?

    Ok to cut it short please read below press release taken from Osram website... http://www.osram.com/appscom/cgi-bin...chiv.pl?id=627

    The question is:-

    1. Why on their product it only show 60/55W instead 75/68W. Is it legal? Which is the true rating.
    2. Is it still legal and safe to be use using stock wiring.
    3. Why the lumen below is lower than Phillips extreme (reading from stern)...I own both brand and so far I think phillips light output better. Does xtreme also using higher wattage like nightbreaker?

    Press information

    01.10.2007 back

    90 percent more light on the road with the latest innovation from OSRAM

    OSRAM Night Breaker - high output for greater safety

    From October 2007, the new Night Breaker headlight lamp from OSRAM will bring some dynamism to the automotive lighting market. This lamp will set new standards in safety and will be the ideal upgrade for the new lighting season. Thanks to innovative technology in its manufacture and a new design, Night Breaker provides up to 90 percent more light on the road. The lamp illuminates the road in front much better and also makes the verges more clearly visible. OSRAM is therefore giving drivers precisely what they need. When buying automotive lamps they are paying more and more attention to the output of the lamp as this is a crucial safety factor in night-time driving. As a result there are greater sales opportunities for retailers and the vehicle trade.

    With the launch of this unique added value product OSRAM is giving retailers and the vehicle trade new opportunities to tie in customers and generate sales. The general replacement demand for automotive lamps on the European market is estimated to be worth 320 million euros. Safety conscious drivers will find Night Breaker ideal for their needs. This group alone gives Night Breaker a sales potential of up to 18% of the replacement market. Past studies (GfK 2002) reveal that the output of headlight lamps is a crucial factor in the purchasing decision for almost half of all consumers.
    More light for better visibility

    OSRAM Night Breaker enables drivers to see pedestrians, cyclists and animals much earlier. A better view of the road also helps prevent collisions with immovable objects such as tree branches, particularly on unlit country roads. It is not only the luminous efficacy that OSRAM has improved. The light itself is up to 10 percent whiter, which is much easier on the eyes and therefore reduces driver fatigue, especially on unit roads.
    Significant potential for reducing the number of collisions

    Even a cursory glance at accident statistics reveals that the night-time is a critical time on the roads. Despite a much volume of traffic on the road there is a relatively high number of accidents at night. According to the Federal Statistics Office, the number of people killed on the road at night in Germany in 2005 was almost 2000, with more than 20,000 seriously injured. By providing up to 90 percent more light on the road, Night Breaker makes a positive contribution to road safety, protecting lives and preventing serious damage to vehicles.
    Greater output thanks to innovative technology

    The exceptional output of this lamp compared to other automotive lamps is thanks to a special technological innovation. By producing and using a new and compactly wound high-output filament OSRAM has succeeded in achieving outstanding performance from the lamp. Another special feature are the blue strips that help produce 10% whiter light.
    Night Breaker covers all the lamp types - from H1 to H11

    OSRAM Night Breaker can be fitted in all makes of automobile. All current lamp models from H1 to H11 can be replaced with this new lamp. The headlight lamp is compatible with all current lighting systems for automobiles (with the exception of xenon). This is an innovative high-quality lamp that all safety-conscious drivers will appreciate, irrespective of the type of automobile they drive. With its silver cap the lamp is ideal for use in clear glass headlights. The blue strips on the bulb make the Night Breaker lamp an eye-catching product for design-conscious drivers. Night Breaker not only brightens up the darkest night, its light also cuts through rain, snow and fog.
    The launch starts in October and will be accompanied by an extensive and integrated communication campaign. Strong demand among end consumers will be generated by a radio advertising campaign throughout Germany.

    OSRAM Night Breaker product family

    Type H 1 H 3 H 4 H 7 H 11
    Product reference
    64150 NBR 64151NBR 64193NBR 64210NBR 64211NBR
    Rated data 12 V/55 W 12 V/55 W 12 V/75 W/68 W max. 12 V/58 W max. 12 V/55 W
    Luminous flux 1720 lm 1600 lm 1650±15% lm 1000±15% lm 1500±10% lm tbd
    Test voltage 13,2 V 13,2 V 13,2 V 13,2 V 13,2 V
    Base P14,5S PK22S P43t PX26d PGJ19-2
    ECE typeapproval ECE R37 ECE R37 ECE R37 ECE R37 ECE R37

    Photo: OSRAM
    About the company

    OSRAM is one of the two leading lighting manufacturers in the world. Sales in the year ending September 30, 2006 totalled 4.6 billion euros, 88 percent of which came from outside Germany. OSRAM is a high-tech company in the lighting sector. Around 40 percent of sales comes from innovative products. This global player employs more than 40,000 people worldwide, supplies customers in some 150 countries and has 49 production facilities in 18 countries.
    Contact for the press:
    Nadine Kleinert
    Phone +49-89-6213-3769
    Fax +49-89-6213-3457
    E-Mail: n.kleinert@osram.de
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    Default Re: Osram Nightbreaker H4 wattage rating different..why?

    Not 100% sure, but IIRC it has to do with voltage differences. DOT uses 12v, ECE tests at 13.2v. So a bulb that is 60w/55w at 12v might be 75/68w at 13.2v

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    Default Re: Osram Nightbreaker H4 wattage rating different..why?

    well i'm a bit confius since the h1,h3,h7 and h11 using same 55w rating except for H4 which is use higher rating

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    Default Re: Osram Nightbreaker H4 wattage rating different..why?

    Wattages are a little more difficult to compare than it might seen, because there are "rated" wattages and "test" wattages.

    The "60/55w" rating of a stock H4 bulb is a rated wattage at 12.0 volts. The regulation governing car headlamp bulbs in North America lists wattages at 12.8 volts only, while the regulation used in Europe/rest of world gives 12v rated and 13.2v maximum test wattage ratings. Because wattage increases with voltage, all of these numbers are different. Here are all of the specs on the H4 bulb (called HB2/9003 in the US regulation):

    The European regulation (ECE R37) says:
    60/55w at 12.0v, rated wattage
    75/68w at 13.2v, maximum test wattage

    The US regulation (49CFR564) says:
    72/65w at 12.8v, maximum test wattage

    Keep in mind, this is not three different bulbs, it is the permissible specifications of one kind of bulb at three different voltages.

    The Osram Night Breaker is E-marked (ECE R37 compliant). It's a very good bulb, but the Philips Xtreme Power is better.

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