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Thread: Merry Christmas from the dentist.

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    Default Merry Christmas from the dentist.

    With the stresses of my hot water heater:

    Holiday problems abounded it seemed and I still haven't got our X-mas cards done. Middle last week, one of my molars became sensitive to hot-cold and pressure. Having had a tooth die on a weekend not long ago, I wasn't taking any chances with the extended holiday. The resulting root canal wasn't fun.

    Called the dentist and he squeezed me in. He stuck a probe into the tooth and I felt it stick. You have a small cavity developing. His office was packed and since I was overflow, I wasn't sure when the filling would be done. I was thinking 2 weeks when he returned. Ya know what...I can just see you calling Christmas day saying your tooth is killing you, it always seems to work that way. Lets do it. I confirmed that this wasn't going to back all his patients up...he said no worries. He drilled away and an hour later I was done. While leaving he said have a Merry Christmas and tell the Mrs. too. Relayed my thanks and went up to the desk to pay. The gal said, "Merry Christmas, it's all taken care-of."

    That brought the X-mas mood up.

    Wonder if he likes flashlights.

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    Default Re: Merry Christmas from the dentist.

    Merry Christmas!

    p.s. You might want to stick to some soft chocolates, and avoid peanut brittle & corn nuts for a few days.

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