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Thread: Christmas Eve / Christmas Day ROP Giveaway Raffle

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    Default Christmas Eve / Christmas Day ROP Giveaway Raffle

    The header from the "CPF Auctions, Give-Aways & Fund Raisers" forum of the MarketPlace:

    • This forum is for CPF auctions, give-aways & fund raisers ONLY! It is not for the announcements of auctions, give-aways and fund raisers on other sites on the internet. Please use the Other Auction Notices forum for those.
    • If you would like to start a thread in this forum, it must be approved by Greta first. Do not start a thread in another forum expecting it to be moved here. Regardless of how far the thread has progressed or the intent of the thread, it WILL be deleted!
    • Questions regarding these policies can be addressed in the Issues & Inquiries forum.
    Sorry Don. Your heart was in the right place. - Empath
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