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Thread: Drop-in recommendation

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    Default Drop-in recommendation

    Hi All - I have a Surefire 6P head a leef 2x 18650 body and the tail cap off the 6P and want to get hold of a drop-in.
    It would be nice if the drop-in would work with the original 6P body too

    Not sure what will work best and figured this is the best place to ask

    Any tips?

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    Hi ukmidnite,

    Lumensfactory makes great stuff. The D26 series is what will fit 6P head. I had one of the incan drop-ins that I ran on 2x18650s, it put out about 400 lumens of bright white light, and the beam was very smooth. They also make several LEDs too.

    Nailbender has a good reputation for selling quality LED drop-ins. He also makes ones that include the higher power LEDs like P7 MCE and SSTs.
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    check out these XP-E R5 drop ins from dereelight
    ....1.2A drive, means its gonna be BRIGHT!!
    The *SM range would suit 2 x 18650

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    Default Re: Drop-in recommendation

    A dereelight drop-in would serve you well, but if selecting one, make sure you choose it with the correct voltage range for your 2x18650 body or 2xCR123A/RCR123A in the original 6P body.
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    +1 for nailbender, he can probably custom tailor your voltage range, and you may be able to talk him into putting on of those legendary SST-90s in there...i have one of the early bins and i got yelled at to day by a more senior NCO to either turn it down or issue sunglasses, it was aimed at the ground by my feet mind you
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