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Thread: New Laser Pen - Conflicting Information

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    Thinking New Laser Pen - Conflicting Information

    I just got a brand new green 532mW laser pen as a gift and was extremely excited to go out and see what it could do!

    Caring greatly for my eyesight I read the specs on the warning label (i don't have the box or manufacturer information since I received this as a gift). I'm a little confused as to the power of the laser since it's rated as a class IIIb product BUT it's also rated at <5mW power output. As far as I can tell, these specs are conflicting because a class IIIb product would have to have an output of >5mW.

    Should I be worried about using this pen?

    Unlike many high powered green lasers, this beam is not clearly visible during the day, only slightly visible during the night (and i suspect this is due to dust), and it can't burn paper or pop balloons.

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    always be careful with all lasers. remember, your eyes have a lens that will focus light onto your retina. 5mW isn't too bad when it's the size of a laser dot, but when it focuses onto your retina, it will be focused down to a point. Thats why lasers can damage your eyes so easily

    It may or may not have an IR filter, just be cautious and aware of it while playing with your new laser =)

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