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  • Princeton Tec EOS (newer 50 lumen model)

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  • Petzl Tikka XP 2 (newer model)

    4 28.57%
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Thread: PT EOS vs. Tikka XP 2

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    Default PT EOS vs. Tikka XP 2

    Hi everyone,

    This has sort of been posted before, but that was a comparison between the older models of each headlamp.

    Now, I want to compare the newer and improved versions of each headlamp.
    How do you guys think they perform against each other in various activities such as climbing, hiking, camping, etc?

    Also, how do they compare with each other in technical aspects (such as batt. life, beam shape etc)?

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    Default Re: PT EOS vs. Tikka XP 2

    Very interested in this as I've been considering replacing my old PT Solo (with terralux PR drop in) with something a little newer for jogging and other general purpose activities.

    Can't commend on the Tikka XP but my buddy ran the rebel EOS as a helmet light for mountain biking. While not as bright as some lights out there in the bike world the output was sufficient and the beam was ideal for that. Nice slow taper after the regulation gives way to dricet drive- construction is quite durable too, just would rather see a headlamp for general purpose use come on in low, or at least medium...

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