There is nothing special about this separate forum even though it is called the Sandwich Shoppe. It just happens to be a good location to collect a bunch of similar and related items.

You can treat this as an extension of the Mod forum. Almost anything can be started here but I would prefer it to be on topic/subject related to the Sandwich Shoppe.

Also, It is perfectly acceptable for those who know to help and answer questions others may ask. There is no way I can monitor this 100% of the time and provide timely answers. I know many of you have helped in the past and I hope you will continue to do so here. I appreciate it immensely.

As for other suggestions. It is perfectly OK to do a small run and assembly kits into TK for other CPFers. I only ask that you do this in the spirit of CPF and that you contact me or ask for permission first. That said, an example would be for someone to build some XX units of the McLux for other CPF'ers. I cannot dictate or control your labor and cost structure, but, in the spirit of CPF I would hope that the cost would be no different than if the Skunks built it.

I hope that these would be one time deals. I would prefer to encourage people to buy the parts and build it themselves. The pride of actually doing it is not measureable in $$.