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Thread: --SOLD--Brass Fire~Fly 3

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    --SOLD--Up is one, unused, brass FF3. This light is in the same condition as I received it from D.Speck. To be safe we will say its at 99% condition. It has spent it's days in a humidity controlled safe. The light is equipped with the Flu-Pic version 2.1 driver and a TWAH Lux 3 emitter. I am including a FF3 users manual and a maintenance kit. The kit includes one replacement FF3 reflector(now near impossible to find) and glass lense and one of each o-ring. The package has both the pocket body and keychain body.--SOLD--

    $210.00 USD, CONUS only, PayPal only. Credit Card funded PayPal please add 3%.
    Shipped USPS Priority mail, w/Delivery Confirmation. Insurance is extra, I am not responsible for loss after it's in USPS hands.
    First, unconditional" I'll take it" applies. Please PM for PP addie.
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    Default Re: Brass Fire~Fly 3

    (I do not need to buy this just for the spare reflector. I do not need to buy this just for the spare...)

    Very nice, by the way.

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    Default Re: Brass Fire~Fly 3

    Somebody take this before I do something I might regret latter...

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