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    First of all, i'd like to say good luck peter, with the lawsuit by fag. but more importantly, i have SERIOUSLY been thinking of buying one of those little ARC LS's. I was wondering what Luxon Star emitters life is... is it 100,000 hours like the 5mm leds? if not, does anyone know of a small, heavy duity aluminum or (OMG) Stainless steel flashlights that run on AAAs, AAs or even C sells with 5 leds that is fairly bright? i bought a Nightbuster Luxia light and man, it has five white Nichia leds and 2 AA batteries. and as sad to say, but as truthfull as it is, my ARC AAA is brighter. I really like the heft of the Luxia though. If Luxon Stars get a 100,000 hour runtime, iam buying one ASAP.

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    Yes, the LED is rated at 100k hours. Since we actually underdrive the LED and use a beefy heatsink, I wouldn't be surprised if they outlasted the 100k hour figure. Btw, that is 137 years at 2 hours a day.


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    I just got my first LS's this past week, (an LSH-S and an LSH-P) and I couldn't be happier. I love my SF L4, but these things are just so small and handy (and bright!)! This is the light I will carry every day. I don't think you can really be a flashaholic without owning an Arc LS!


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    I dont think it should be that much of a problem, peter. I run my ARC AAA 12 hours a day. im kinda testing my NiMh batteries rather then the light. im going to be sad when it dies. =\

    But does anyone have an idea on the ARC LS for me to get? I either want to get "the best" *OR* the cheepest. i'll probably go for the best. how much would "the best" cost with an AA converter? And the cr123 pack. Is there anyway i could get even a 2 hour runtime on any kind of rechargable NiMh cr123 compatable batteries that dont cost a fortune? 2 hour runtime is good, but even longer is better. =)

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    But the LSH on sale on the Arc Flashlight site for $75 Not the BEST but certainly the best deal anywhere right now.

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    P_K said:
    Is there anyway i could get even a 2 hour runtime on any kind of rechargable NiMh cr123 compatable batteries that dont cost a fortune

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    Yeah, if you buy four 1/5 A's and swap two of them out at the 1 hour mark. Two 1/5 A's will last about an hour in a current LS2. Once you hit moon mode just do a quick battery change out with the other 2 fresh 1/5 A's. Unfortunately, I don't know of any battery that small with comparable Mah ratings to a lithium CR123 (1000 - 1300 Mah). The 1/5 A's (400 Mah) are pretty nice though - they allow you guilt-free flashlighting and pay for themselves after 8 cycles or so.

    You can get them at Battery World Center for about 3.27 a piece. You'll probably have to phone in your order though, because their online order process has been messed up for months.

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