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Thread: LED for 6v battery flashlight

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    Default LED for 6v battery flashlight

    I was wondering if there is any simple way to upgrade a Rayovac 6v flashlight with an LED or Zenon or something with more power. The current lamp in the flashlight is a philips pr-13. Any help would be great. Thanks

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    Default Re: LED for 6v battery flashlight

    EverLED has (or had) a "bulb" for Lanterns.


    Proper Polarity is Essential ! ! !

    They make (made) a "reverse-polarity" version, which was marked with a Diamond.

    Make CERTAIN you match polarity correctly !

    Otherwise, you will yer' Expensive New Lamp.


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    Default Re: LED for 6v battery flashlight

    I think lights that run on 6V lantern batteries are almost always negative polarity and they will most LED replacement "bulbs".I don't know if the EverLED neg. polarity LED "bulb"
    is available anymore either but it is only a LUX I or III so it won't be exceptionally bright.You may be able to overdrive a 3 cell bulb or use Maglite's Magnum Star Xenon 4-cell bulb to improve output but they will not offer the run-time of LEDs.
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    Unless you feel like modding the lantern with a driver and a high output LED with heatsink you are looking at $12-20+ for a drop in if the polarity issues are not a problem. Compare this with looking around for a light with a comparable output that isn't limited to using large heavy expensive lantern batteries you may think twice about bothering with it.
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    Default Re: LED for 6v battery flashlight

    There are 2 problems.

    1st the polarity problem already mentioned. Mine was OK but I don't think ROV builds their lanterns so I do not know for sure yours will. My lantern has no markings, the battery says ROV.

    2nd the location of the LED for focus. A lot of drop ins are built for Mags with focussing abilities so many LED bulbs do not focus well in fixed focus flashlights.
    SuperbrightLEDs PR2-1-WHP in my 6V lantern 3M or more.

    Terralux TLE-1F in my 6V lantern 3M or more.

    Close in at 1M the opposite occurs - The TLE-1F produced a donut hole and the PR2-1-WHP a nice spot.

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    Here is a thread on PR2 replacement bulbs:
    complete list of all LED PR flange drop-in bulbs

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