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Thread: 6AL-4V Titanium raw material FSOT

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    Default 6AL-4V Titanium raw material FSOT

    I have 4 billets of 6AL-4V titanium
    3 pieces 2x3.25x4.25 inches
    1 piece. 4.25x9x11.5 inches (over 70 pounds)

    This is certificated 6-4 that has invalid certs. As you know certs are critical in industry and this material was destined for the new space telescope. For some reason,the certs were lost. I can have my supplier vouch for it, but that's about all. I picked it up as scrap. It sure would make nice shiny flashlight parts. Rather than sell outright, I would prefer to trade material for machining. Send me a pm if interested. Trade value on large plate is $2,000.
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