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Thread: what to use as shock foam

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    Well I have recently modified a clone SF M3 style bezel, and I really messed up the shock foam by over trimming it a bit too much? any one has any idea what material I can use for shock foam? I am running a MC-E with a OP reflector, I need something to sit in between the lense and the lamp unit.

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    What about some of that high temp resistant silicone rubber that you see flexible baking pans made out of in cooking stores?

    It's somewhat compressible, pretty floppy and can take being repeatedly baked in a 450 degree oven so it seems to me it should take the heat. Not sure of the thickness you need but you may get lucky.

    You should be able to find some small inexpensive pans in a discount store that you can cut a lot of them out of.

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    interesting, I'll look into it. maybe this is better then rubber sheets.

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    I did the same w/ a Z46... I got a msg from another member, "houtex," who used a thin mousepad when he overtrimmed his Z46 shock foam. I haven't tried it yet but he said he had no probs

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