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Thread: Malkoff M60 Q2

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    Default Malkoff M60 Q2

    I recently obtained one of these. What were the specs? What led was used? I tried my standard 18650 move and it was quite a bit dimmer than my other new model M60's. The tint is very nice and the beam pattern is amazing. Here is another question. One of my newer M60's sometimes is greenish tint, sometimes just the very bright white-bluish. Has anyone else had a tint change around? Maybe it is just my eyes playing tricks in different lighting conditions but I dont think so. Zach
    New to being a Flashoholic but have always had a taste for the good stuff. I edc a Malkoff MD2 with M60W or Surefire C2 with m61. XM-18 along with Victorinox cybertool 29 and Leatherman crunch.

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    Well the LED used was more then likely a Cree XR-E Q-2
    Did you use an 18650 on both modules when you compared them? I think that that the M60 was designed with 6 volts and up in mind. For one Li On an M30 will probably perform better.

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    Very interesting. This thread might be of at least some interest (I'm guessing you have the older optic that has a slightly stippled appearance comparable to one of the pics I posted in that thread?). I've noticed that my older M60 has slightly less output, but that is only noticable in beamshots.

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