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Thread: 2 new lights to the family

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    Default 2 new lights to the family

    hello all,

    The disease is spreading. I started with an cheap ravovac "100: lumen light for my first led light.

    I then went to a ITP-e50 for home use and letting the dog out and looking for coyotes. This is a great light, and I use rechargeable cr123s.

    I needed a 2AA light for my work inspections so I just order this one. I needed to be able to just buy AA in a pinch since you can buy them everywhere.

    They have 10% off right now too with earthday10 code.

    i also "threw in" a

    with the code got both of these with 2-3 day shipping for under 50 bucks.

    hope they are half way decent.

    any thoughts? How did I do?

    I think for two good light for that price it was a good deal.

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    I don't really know much about those terralux lights, but I've always been underwhelmed by their mag drop-ins so I usually shy clear of them. Post a review of it when you get it. The ITP A-series is of course one of the most popular lines around.

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