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Thread: NEED... Info on XP Active Desktops.

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    Default NEED... Info on XP Active Desktops.

    I am thinking about setting up an Active Desktop on my XP PC.
    I dont really know much about it, except you can use an HTML ducument for your desktop.
    This allows you to make links to files, programs etc. And have it look and function as you like.
    I am thinking of setting up a page, that has several dropdown menus. Each with a different groups of programs. Internet, Photo editing, video, GPS, documents, etc.
    And, if I can , make it animated and cool looking.

    Has anyone here ever tried anything with active desktops? Anyone have any info,,, or sites on it?
    I've searched alittle, but cant find anything good. There should be some already made ones, for download.

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    Default Re: NEED... Info on XP Active Desktops.

    Near the end of the year the computer next to the one I regularly used at school had had a Active Desktop hacked onto it. Looked pretty cool.

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