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Thread: eMails from "Mr. Joe"....

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    Default eMails from \"Mr. Joe\"....

    Any other CPF'ers get these emails from "Mr. Joe the import/exporter??

    From: [ Save address ]
    Subject: supply Car correlative
    Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 22:18:37 +0800
    Dear Sir
    As an exporter in China, can supply Car correlative
    products: Battery terminal Fuse distribution block Power distribution
    block Amplifier installation wiring kit Car speaker & box
    Automotive lamps AC/DC Car converter Warning light siren Rechargeable
    spotlight DC spotlight Trouble light Working
    light AC/DC Trouble light Air compressor Vacuum cleaner Jumpstart Auto
    spare parts Auto tester Socket Fog light
    Camping lantern Fan used in car Cable nip Auto refrigerator Waxing
    Machine etc Mr.Joe
    If you have any purchase intentions for other products, please feel free to
    tell us in case that we can offer you your

    Not a huge deal..but since its always light related I know he go my address from either the CPF database (unlikely) or from one of the folks I've purchased a light from here on the forum (either commercial or private)

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    Default Re: eMails form

    It`s just spam. If you`ve ever posted your address online it could have been stolen that way, or someone you did business with in the past sold it/got hacked/etc.

    Just report it through Spamcop if that`s what you do with junk mail, and delete it. Whatever you do don`t reply to it and don`t click anything it may contain. Then they know you recieved and read it and will send you, and everyone else, more and more.....

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    Default Re: eMails form

    I agree with Chris. Although I don't get much spam, I just don't read it. It never turns out to be anything I want. And just like what's offered in snail-mail spam, I believe the product would be shoddy. I don't think I would want to buy anyway -- that would seem like supporting the whole idea of unsolicited solicitation.

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