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Thread: Not sure what to get

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    Default Not sure what to get


    I used to have a big 5 million candle torch although I forgot to charge it every few weeks and the battery wont hold any charge so its time to find a new one. Im not really looking to light up the whole street again maybe its time for something a bit more compact.

    I am an volunteer at hospital radio so my torch will be helpful packing up in the dark.

    After allot of research my budget is around £50 so I found theses:

    EagleTac P20A2 Mark II Cree R5 (Cool White)
    Fenix LD20 R4

    Very compact and they run off AA battery so I can still recharge them, no extra cost there. Also they are waterproof using them in the rain will be good. I just dont know the better one can anyone tell me which one it is are do you recommend any others like this

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    Default Re: Not sure what to get

    I have an Eagletac T10LC2 that I recently bought. It seems to be a very nice light with plenty of output and feels solid in the hand. I also have a 4sevens Quark AA2 with a Cree R5 and if the P20A2 is comparable in output(it should be) then the P20A2 would be a good choice.
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    Default Re: Not sure what to get

    You might also consider the Quark AA2. It's in the same family, and has an excellent reputation around here. It's slightly smaller than the LD20 or P20A2, but has very similar brightness. It's user interface (UI) is almost the same as the LD20 I believe.

    Neither of your two choices (or the Quark) is "better". They are all excellent lights, but with slight differences in form, operation, and beam characteristics.

    • EagleTac is the brightest of the three by a hair (hardly noticeable unless you have them side by side). Fenix and Quark are essentially the same.
    • Quark is "floody" with a more diffuse hotspot and spill. Fenix is similar, but not quite as floody.
    • EagleTac is "throwy" with a hotter, smaller hotspot
    • EagleTac has fewer modes and a more simple twisty UI for changing modes, with a clicky for on/off. Tight = Max, Loose = Med, a quick tight/loose motion switches to low.
    • Fenix and Quark have a combo of twisty and clicky for UI. Tight head = max power, loose head = low power with successive clicks increasing the power. Low-med-medhigh-high
    • Quark is the smallest, EagleTac the largest, fenix in the middle
    • EagleTac has a crenelated strike bezel, and might be the toughest of the three.
    • EagleTac and Fenix do not have an ultra low mode like the Quark
    • EagleTac pocket clip is hokey (good call dogbert)

    Hope that helps. All three would be outstanding utility lights, and the choice should probably come down to your preferences for the user interface.
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    Default Re: Not sure what to get

    Between the Eagletac and Fenix, I'd personally prefer the fenix. It's lighter-weight and somewhat more compact, and it has more modes, making it more versatile. It might have a better clip, as well. I have not owned either light, but I do have an Eagletac P10A2.

    In fact, my preferred edc light is a Quark AA^2 Regular, because of the moon (ultra low output) mode. If you don't think you'd have a use for a 0.2 lumen output level, go with the fenix.
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    Default Re: Not sure what to get

    I can only speak to the XRE, but between the Fenix and Eagletac and Quark I like the beam on the Fenix/Eagletac much more as the spill is brighter and more useful. The emitter on the Fenix is probably the most perfect -white- light I've seen, it makes the XPE R2 look greenish.

    Its hard for me not to recommend the Fenix. Very well built and great flexibility. For pure output I'd suggest the Eagletac.
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    Default Re: Not sure what to get

    Thanks guys for the response. Im thinking of going with the EagleTac more.

    The problem is the cheapest way to run theses are from AA batteries that are rechargeable so that only produces 1.2V vs the 3V C123A.

    Also on their website they state:
    WARNING - NiMH Recharable batteries may release gas during discharge.
    Which is a bit worrying. What your opinions


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