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Thread: FS: Surefire E1L (R2 mod, Drive at 1A)

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    Default FS: Surefire E1L (R2 mod, Drive at 1A)

    I have a Surefire E1L moded with following spec., see if anyone like it.

    - Original Surefire E1L Body, with KX1 Head.
    - The whole flashlight is in like-new condition.

    Mod on head (KX1):
    - Led Emitter replaced with a XR-E R2 (WC).
    - Led Driver replaced with a 2 mode 7135 driver.
    - High(100%) drove at around 1amp, puts out around 200lm.
    - Low(5%) drove at around 0.1amp, puts out around 10lm.
    - Original TIR lens, which gives a beam profile of a very tight hot-spot, superb throwing power.

    - At High, it runs for about 35-40 mins with one AW RCR123 battery (750mah).
    - The driver was designed to work with input voltage between (2.8-6V).
    - Never attempt to drive it with 2 x RCR123.
    - Battery protection kicks in at 2.8V, flickering indication.

    $160 with shipping cost included (to US). I'm living in Hong Kong, so it might take a bit of time to get there (around 7-10days).
    Interested pls. contact via email,

    Paypal only.
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