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    How do you guys like them?? How's the color tint? Would you get a M60W or M61W?


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    I'd say by comparing my M61W to my M61 and other neutral lights, that the M61 is neither warm nor neutral.

    It's warmer than the M61, but definitely cooler than any of the other handful of neutral lights I have.

    The M61 looks like it has a slight blue tint, while the M61W looks closer to white. If I had to guess, I'd say the M61W was about 5000k.

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    There is a current discussion regarding the M61W here.

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    Please take the trouble to look around before posting a new thread. There is already one about this, with exactly the same title, and it is just plain lazy of you not to bother to scan down the thread index list to see that.

    Thread closed.
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