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Thread: SOLD: Xtar D30 Howitzer Dual Condenser Flashlight

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    Default SOLD: Xtar D30 Howitzer Dual Condenser Flashlight


    Up for sale is the light in the middle of photo #1. The big boy's toy: Xtar D30 Howitzer modified into a dual condenser lens flashlight.

    The Big lens is a large DCX with 103mm diameter, 125mm Focal length.
    The Small Lens is a AR coated high quality 49mm Condenser 61mm focal length.

    The large lens is trimmed a bit on the edge & fit into the bezel where the thick stock flat glass used to me.

    The smaller lens is mounted to the Modified stock triple MCE heat sink, the heat sink is bored open to accept the lens.

    Three tiny screw were installed into the surrounding of the lens to allow turning in/out of the head, thus able to adjust distance from the led & fine tune focus.

    The Led is a CREE XRE EZ900 mounted to a modified H22a HAIII Mag D Heat sink.

    The neck of the head is bored out to accept the H22a heat sink.

    The led is driven by two 800ma driver wired in parallel delivering 1.6Amp total. Driver is 8.4v max.

    The flashlight runs on two Protected DX C-lion. (Not included, you can get from DX for $10 each)
    Twisty action, twist tail cap for on/off.

    $175 shipped via. PP gift option. Ship in US Only.

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    Default Re: FS: Xtar D30 Howitzer Dual Condenser Flashlight

    Since you put it next to the M@glite with the big head, could you take a photo of both beams pointing to the door? The color of this emitter looks a bit like HID lights.
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    Default Re: FS: Xtar D30 Howitzer Dual Condenser Flashlight

    nice work!!!!!!!!

    I am doing this exact mod, but I'm using just one big 100mm aspherical lens (I still have to find the right one with the right FL)

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    Default Re: FS: Xtar D30 Howitzer Dual Condenser Flashlight

    I'll take it, PM me your PayPal addy.

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