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Thread: SOLD McGizmo Sapphire 25

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    Default SOLD McGizmo Sapphire 25

    I received this new about a month ago. It was my first McGizmo light. I have now realized I MUST have a Haiku so I am trying to sell this and some other stuff to buy one.

    It is in good shape has been carried daily by me for the last month. Has some superficial markings in the titanium from daily carry but otherwise in good shape. Has a great flood beam and has worked flawlessly.

    I am asking SOLD shipped USPS to the CONUS. I accept MO or PayPal (if paying as goods please add $2.00 to offset some of the charges).

    Sorry about the bad cell pictures, but I did try to show the marks.

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    Default Re: FS McGizmo Sapphire 25

    This is one of my favorite lights as well as one of the most used. Good luck with your sale!

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    Default Re: FS McGizmo Sapphire 25

    I'm sorry - I am going to have to withdraw my interest. Apologies.
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    Default Re: FS McGizmo Sapphire 25

    Pending responce to PM and PP adress.
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