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Thread: What colour temperature is subjectively closest to "pure white"?

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    Default Re: What colour temperature is subjectively closest to "pure white"?

    I still say visit a Home Depot and look at their display for a good general idea. Keep in mind some stores may vary, but can't say for sure. They also used some CFLs, so CRI aside...

    Soft White- 2700K | Bright White - 3500K | Natural Daylight - 5000K

    The soft white is very close to the incandescent. I find it hard to believe anyone would argue against the 3500K being the most neutral. And there's nothing "natural" about the natural daylight 5000K in reality. Maybe in some sophisticated computer model, though.
    That's true, 3500K is the most optimal and neutral brightness level. Temperature adjustments is a great and useful thing in such situations, when you're using your thermal binoculars as well. I've recently purchased model AGM Explorator TB75-384, from here ( resource: ), and my basic knowledge about temperature levels helped me a lot with adjustments.
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