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Thread: 7" marchal H4 questions

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    A member on a local car forum has a set of lightly used marchal h4 housings for sale. I think these are the "flat front" model as the front of the lenses are flat. I am wondering if there were several different "flat front" models that were made or was there only just the one? If there were multiple models made with the flat front, what would be considered a good model?

    I know buying used housings is usually a "no-no", however this person is local to me so I will be able to evaluate their condition in person before committing to buy.

    any help would be great. thanks

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    Yes, there have been numerous different 7" Marchal H4 headlamps; multiple varieties both flat and domed. If you find an E-code mark, which will be an (E2), then it won't be the rather weak motorcycle unit (which bears only SAE markings, though most of the E-marked units also bear SAE markings). Make sure there's no arrow near the [HCR] function marking. If there is, the headlamps are for the left (wrong) side of the road. You are wise to be wary of "lightly" used lamps; those headlamps were the best 7" H4 units, but they have not been manufactured in nearly thirty years. Keep in mind that lens pitting is easy to spot, but optical degradation of the reflector advances quite far before it is perceptible to the naked eye.

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    Are they aftermarket driving lights. The marchal 700 is about 7" in diameter, used a 100w H3 bulb. Used to have a set on an old BMW. Awesome light!!
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