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Thread: Surefire bulbs - Lithium & Rechargeable capable?

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    Default Surefire bulbs - Lithium & Rechargeable capable?

    Curious: Some of you are putting rechargeables in some of the lithium models. (i.e. 9P w. P61 bulb and extender.)

    Question: Can surefire's bulbs designed for lithiums actually take rechargeables effectively? And how do we figure out how many rechargeables for each lithium? (i.e. would a 6V lithium light be used with three Ni-Mh cells at 3.6 v or 4 Ni-Mh at 4.8 volts? etc.)

    Very curious as I'm running an 8X and a friend said it is the same bulb as the P61.

    Thanks in advance to all you pros.

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    Default Re: Surefire bulbs - Lithium & Rechargeable capable?


    SureFire's Lamp Assemblies are specifically designed to be power by the batteries they specify.

    The B65 NiCad battery stick will power the P60 or P61 Lamps.

    The X80 is powered by the B90 NiCad battery stick.

    There is a good reason why the Lamp Assembly reflectors are different diameters. They are not intended to be interchangeable.



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    Default Re: Surefire bulbs - Lithium & Rechargeable capable?

    Thanks. How many cells/volts is the B65 then? Basically I'd like to know how many nicads would power a 2 cell lithium bulb. P60 and P61 are capable of both lithium and nicad aren't they?


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