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Thread: Tomorrow, When The War Began.

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    Default Tomorrow, When The War Began.

    I'm basically aware of two things: that this is an Australian "young adults" book series, and that it recently has been made into a movie somewhat along the lines of Red Dawn. The movie seems to be a roaring success in Australia.

    Is there some kind Aussie who can cast further light on this whole thing?
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    Default Re: Tomorrow, When The War Began.

    The series of books beginning with "Tomorrow, When The War Began" are the work of James Marsden who began writing them during the early 90's when Australian-Indonesian relations were particularly "stressed" this was somewhat abated by Prime Minister Keating & President Soeharto's attempt to repair local relations, tensions arose once again in 1999 when East Timor voted for independence from Indonesia (they had been annexed in 1975) and resulted in the insertion of an Australian led UN force to restore order and combat attacks against the population by pro-Indonesian militia aided by elements of the Indonesian armed forces.

    The Marsden's books refer to the invading army as "Asian" never defining the nature of their origin...
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    Default Re: Tomorrow, When The War Began.

    Thanks for the background. Since the OP, I've obtained the first two books and in the first one at least it's obvious the author had some sort of real-world situation in mind. Also, I've managed to view the Australian trailer for the film- looks a lot like Red Dawn but nothing wrong with that. I hope it makes it to North America- exp. without being dubbed into our accents (as per Mad Max etc) or remade completely.

    Also, I see that while wombats are mentioned at one point, there are no wolverines in the first book...
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