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Thread: Tail Ring GITD for Haiku?

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    Default Tail Ring GITD for Haiku?

    I was just wondering, if anyone here ever tried one of those tail rings, that glow in the dark, for an AA body. They should fit around a McClicky boot. But I don't know, if they would fit the AA body of my Haiku. And sending my beloved Haiku back to the states, just to get a fit, is a bit of a hassle.
    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    Default Re: Tail Ring GITD for Haiku?

    When you state "Tail Ring" are you referring to the actual Switch cover, or the O-ring that holds it in place?
    Changing the rear O-ring is a pretty easy task. Now, I use a heavy duty plastic fork (you could fashion something like that). I broke all but one tine off, then melted the one tine and made it into sorta a hook. I use that to grab the Ring. It does well and won't tear the button boot. I first tried with a toothpick, but punctured a hole in the boot lol. I swap boots all the time, I have a GITD boot, blue, orange, green and of course black. I change them like my mood.
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    Default Re: Tail Ring GITD for Haiku?

    I thought about a GITD boot too. Or an O-ring. But this time I was refering to those tail rings like silent thunder ordenance makes them. I don't know, if they are the only one to make them. If so, sorry, this was not meant as a promotion.

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    So, I tried it, and it's okay. I had to fix the ring with some putty glue, so it is removable.

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