New here. Had a couple questions, and didn't find answers via search.

I recently got a polytac led light for a shotgun. I like it, but the mount puts the switch uncomfortably far forward on the gun. I was hoping to find a remote switch that fits it. Streamlight makes a remote switch that fits the Streamlight TL-2, TL-2 LED, TL-2 Shock Proof, TL-3, TL-3 LED, TL-3 Shock Proof new Super Tac Tactical Flashlights. Does anybody know if this would work on a polytac.

Also, I have a pile of Streamlight CR123 batteries (Amazon had a 12 pack for $20, but shipped a pack with only 11; when I called customer service, I was told that lithium batteries were not returnable, and they sent me a second pack of batteries; so it came out to 23 for $20). But, are there any rechargeable solutions known to work with the polytac?