SOLD PENDING FUNDS $500 shipped priority insured in USA. Includes light; 2 IMR26500 with very little use, IMR26500 charger, 26500 adapter 18500 adapter. Photos below. (hmm, forgot to photograph the delrin adapters from DarkZero - they are in his build thread both are included).

Dont really want to sell this one. Havent used it other than to light up the walls. It is one beautiful light - that body is beautiful it is a BRIGHT light with a great clean spot. I cannot see any imperfections on this light - if there is a mark its hiding in the camo!!

DarkZero did GREAT work on this - his build thread with lots of photos is at the link below.

The details of the light (from the build thread);

Here's a mod using one of Brian's special rare HAIII camo Mags. I was never a fan of camo flashlights but this one is absolutely beautiful! Wish I wasn't MIA from CPF back.

Big thanks Dennis (LED Zeppelin) who supplied me with the recoded Remora for helping me wire up these special versions of Remoras. Grateful to have the king of multi emitter mods to turn for help for being so helpful.

The host is bored out to fit 8xAAs since this is using Shark Bucks theres a wide range of battery configurations the owner can use. I kept it simple cost effective to get this one going.

Hope the owner enjoys!

-Mirage Man finned grooved HAIII camo Mag2D

-Luminus PhlatLight SST-50

-Dual 3A Shark Buck drivers

-Recoded Remora supplied by LED Zeppelin

-LED Zeppelin's Shark sinks

-Modified HAIII DHS heatsink

-Custom battery adapter

-Powered by two AW IMR18500s or two IMR26500s

-Sputtered stock reflector

-UCL glass

-Green glow powder/epoxy

Measured at the emitter:

High - 5.6A

Med - 1.4A

Low - 450ma

(end of info from build thread)

I made an (unfair) comparison against a moddoo M2-SST50. The larger head of the Mag gave it a much cleaner spot broader spill.

First Posted Ill take it followed by relatively prompt payment gets it. Paypal preferred, USPS MO also accepted. I can ship on Monday - unless its sells tonight then I can ship it tomorrow.

This is the original owner's listing at one point - I ended up doing a trade with Karl when I got this - so I'm the second owner. I offered it back to Karl, but he's in sell mode as well.