I realize this is a duplicate post, but because of how exited about this LED replacement light I am creating it's own thread.

I have been considering LED replacements for some of the flood light hi-hats I have (and they put many in this house). Main level has 9 by itself. 6 on the lower, 12 on the BR level and 3 in the attic. At 75Watts a pop you can imagine these lights create a huge lighting bill.

I've tried MANY varieties of CFL lights and finally got my wife to approve using 4 of the dimmable Phillips ones in the kitchen. I couldn't get approval for the anything in the rest of the house - because they are too whiteish and industrial looking.

Yesterday I was at the Depot looking for the 30% deal mentioned above and bought a few different options of LED hi-hat flood. The Phillips one are mega expensive and out of my reach at about $80 each but the had (what I imagine is their re-branded store brand) EcoSmart floods at $40-50 each. I purchased 4 of the regular 65W screw in bulbs for one dimmer switch and then I saw another EcoSmart one which was a full replacement for the flush-mount ceiling bracket and screw-in bulb all in one.

My results are not so good on the first bulb. Screwed in one with the 3 remaining incan floods and my first impression was that it did not dim very low. Put in all 4 and all the lights did was flicker and flash - no dimmer control at all. I have no idea who makes the internals on these.

Then I hooked up the full replacement unit to a light which only has that one light on the dimmer. Wow - this is a really great looking incan replacement for the home. I take a look at the package and who else but Cree makes the light. Rated for 575 OTF lumens @ an amazing 90 CRI. Also states clearly that it will work with multiple bulbs in dimmer setups and they even tested a variety of popular dimmers. Check it out http://cr6.creeledlighting.com/.

The model is CR6-575L but the re-branded HD model is ECO-575L.

I'm going to bring back the other floods and pick up 4 more of the CR6 lights and see how they do in a multiple light per dimmer setup. Will report back later.